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For Murder Mystery Nights, 
Murder Mystery Dinners
 and Murder Mystery Evenings.

  • The stories for Murder Mystery Weekends are our own stories,
     written and performed by us. 

  • They can be provided and performed at any suitable venue 

  • There is a range of timetables to suit you.

  • You can also have your own story written specially for you.

  • Or, we can adapt a storyline to include some of your details.

Here are some examples;


A Deadly Game
A murder mystery set in a mock TV studio scenario. 
You are all contestants for a place on the popular detective serial to be the new assistant to the programme's  famous star. 
As fame and high earnings beckon, you find that the competition is intense to win the part. However, disaster strikes when a crucial person is found dead, and the trial investigation turns into a real one. 
Think - Big Brother, The X Factor and The Apprentice, no this is the 'Deadly Game'.
Suitable for any type of event: parties, team building, conferences. Set in the present day.

Ask for one of our friendlier murder mystery weekends.  
A victim or perpetrator, who will you encounter in your murder mystery weekend?


A Fishy Tale. 
You are all members of a secret society which is meeting to vote for it's annual awards. 
At the previous years dinner, a suspicious accident meant
 the main award went to a surprise outsider. 
You are hoping that this year's event runs smoothly, 
despite the rumors and suspicions, inevitably, it does not!
Suitable for any type of event: parties, team building, conferences
and in any time period: present day, 60's, 70's, 80's, 
war time and twenties are the most popular.


A Case of Bondage 
You are all secret agents waiting to hear who is the traitor amongst your group. 
However, the officer about to reveal names is murdered before the information is released.
  Is the real motive espionage or can it be something else like love, jealousy or money and greed? 
Great for spies and James Bond fans. Suitable for parties and team building
and set in the present day.

Death of Mary Christmas. 
Who is trying to be a kill-joy in the festive season and ruin your celebrations?  You are wary of the strange characters at your Christmas party especially as some have criminal records and you are being blamed for something you have not done. When a prominent celebrity dies you believe you are being framed, or are you?
Suitable for Christmas parties and set in the present day.


Return of the Black Vitesse
You wonder about the mysterious hit man who suffered a family death years ago and is now seeking revenge on your friends? Convinced it is a case of mistaken identity, you must convince everyone you are innocent before you are the next victim. However, the links back to 30 years ago make you a prime suspect.
Suitable for parties, team building and weekends.
Great for 60's and 70's theme.


Laid Out By A Hen. 
You believe a jealous lover is trying to spoil your wedding by killing your best friend, but there are several other motives possible. Could it simply be greed and money? Is the 'Maid of Honour' really honourable and could you ever trust your mother in law? After this you may never trust your partner again!

Ideal for all female groups and hen parties.
Can be set in any time period.

Witch Way to Revenge
Have the ghosts of 1664 returned to haunt you? The links to the execution of real witches are baffling you, until you realise that you are one of their descendants. Could there really be spirits causing all your bad luck or is someone using it as a cover for disposing of their enemies?
Suitable for parties, team building, weekends and Halloween
Can be set in any time period.

The 69 Revenge.
Has your world turned upside down? Set in the 1969 you are caught in a time warp of trendy fashion and progressive music. Despite appearances, life is not full of hippy happenings and free love, instead it leads to death. What is the connection to a suspicious death in 1996?
Suitable for parties, team building and weekends.
Great for 1960's and 70's fancy dress.



The above are just a few examples. At Murder Mystery Weekends you can have  a story in any theme or era you want. Just ask us!

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