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In our Murder Mystery Weekends:

  • You can all have a character in the story. 

  • You are all a suspect, and ...

  • The murderer is one of your group!  
      It could be YOU!

You can have your own special murder mystery weekend event and hotel.
 (If you have at least 12 people in your group).    

  • Great value for Hen Party Murder Mystery and Birthdays Murder Mystery:

  • Groups of 12 - 40 people for a 4 hour event are priced at 550 

  • More than 40 people, then just ask us.

  • (Food & venue hire are an additional price.)

    Try fancy dress in your murder mystery weekend.


Murder Mystery Weekends have produced
 murder mystery events for over 24 years and 
have developed an excellent format 
which is great for:                     

  • Parties, Birthdays and Hen Parties

  • Fun and enjoyment 

  • Corporate Entertainment

  • Team Building


Murder Mystery Weekends events can be at different times of the week.
You can choose from:                

  • Mid-week murder mystery

  • Daytime murder mystery

  • Murder mystery evenings

  • Murder mystery dinners

  • Murder mystery nights


  • You can have a full weekend Murder Mystery
     of Friday - Sunday!

  • Have your own group murder mystery event, 
    and you can the choose the times.


Why choose Murder Mystery Weekends ?
***** Value:
Murder Mystery Weekends is an experienced
 event provider; 
for over 24 years we have been putting together
 murder mystery packages for groups
 to give you a great time and great value for money!

Murder?  Our experienced staff in your murder mystery weekend will keep you alert.   

****  Venues:
We believe in finding you the price and standard
  that you want. 
So we arrange your group murder mystery
 at a hotel or venue that suits you! 

 Group Prices for Murder Mystery Weekends

**  There are also a range of themes and stories for you to choose:   
Themes and Stories

At our murder mystery weekends, you can come in fancy dress to add to the murder mystery.

Murder Mystery Weekends Content:
All of our Murder Mystery Weekend stories are participation events, 
you can play a character
and you are a suspect

All Murder Mystery Weekends events include;

  • A Character for you to play.

  • Note sheets & pens.

  • All clues and props for your successful event.

  • A murder mystery crime scene to examine.

  • The murder victim's body for you to examine.

  • Certificates for the murder mystery winner, 
    'Super Sleuth' and main characters.

  • Prize for the murder mystery winner - 
    A Bottle of Champagne.

  • Our own experienced actors to run your event.

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